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Based in the United States, Sandy T grew up in Miami.  Touring most of North America promoting her 2 studio albums " Summer Moon" and "5 Stormy Ave" she gravitates towards fusing pop-soul and funk with some rockin guitars.  She has always gone with her gut on each song she writes and produces if it's happening in her life it will be a song! the themes are mostly about finding and losing at love, redemptiom.. " We are all on this crazy life journey and ultimately if  you can touch someone in a positive way its the end goal AND I believe music makes you feel that you are not alone when the connection happens. Music is stronger and more powerful than we know" She has always wanted to stay rooted in everything she loves, fusing some soul, funk, and rockin guitars.
About... The Victorians and her new music venture  >>>> Sandy T and Elleinad....this duo project was born out of sessions  for her solo music which  she is currently in collab for her new music with famed musicians and  songwriters/producers from the UK Rob Manzoli (Right Said Fred to name a few) and his wife Sue Brook ( P-Funk UK) .... Dani Sinatra a.k.a (Elleinad) was engineering the project also helping her out with arranging and writing melodies and lyrics for that project here in the states as they went back and forth  "One day I walked in with a melody and lyrics in my head as it was a cathartic time for me similar to Adele... (divorce babe!)... and said grab a keyboard  and that's how that song "Why didn't you stay"  was born.  We produced, wrote, engineered it  while Rob and Sue were wrapping up production on my new music with them.. So lucky to be working with Rob, Sue and Dani. aka (Elleinad)... everyone is so talented! lots of music on the horizon."